Get to know us, and should you have any question please contact our colleagues in charge of the given area, as well as headquarters in Debrecen or Budapest.

Our staff at your assistance

János Szakál
János Szakál, managing director
Phone: 30/955-1320
Zoltán Varga
Zoltán Varga, production manager
Phone: 30/299-6191
Tibor Kondor
Tibor Kondor, logistics
Phone: 30/903-9018
Nóra Papp
Nóra Papp, purchasing
Phone: 30/399-8688
Mónika Oláhné Novák
Mónika Oláhné Novák, office manager
Phone: 30/836-2242
Telefon: 52/502-860
Tímea Radman
Tímea Radman, invoicing
Phone: 52/502-860 22-es mellék
Mónika Dandé
Mónika Dandé, production planning
Phone: 30/824-9913
Andrea Fábiánné Berényi
Andrea Fábiánné Berényi, sales, production planning
Phone: 30/523-6637
Melinda Tóth
Melinda Tóth, sales, production planning
Phone: 30/869-4685
Designer team

Phone: 30/523-3692
Graphic design

Phone: 30/869-4699


Where can we meet?

4030 Debrecen, Vikár Béla út 4/b

Telefon+36-52/502-860  Fax: +36-52/502-865

Iván Katona, sales manager
Phone: 30/689-0261
Ilona Bach, office manager
Phone: 30/942-6635
Éva Kirs, sales (packaging)
Phone: 30/790-1573


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