Friedrich Stühmer Luxury Chocolate Dessert

Looking back on a past of more than 15 years, the prestige of the brand is clearly reflected in the packaging created for Stühmer Ltd’s top-notch sweets, Friedrich Stühmer Luxury Chocolate Dessert, made as an homage to founder, Frigyes Stühmer.

Produced with the rigid box technology, the four-level fold out ornate box with the removable lid combines elegance with carrying capacity. Inside and outside, it has been made from creative paper, with particular care devoted to the UV varnishing of the logo, gilding, embossing, stamping, form-cutting and then manual mounting. This product carries the signs of the use of state-of-the-art technology in packaging, and at the same time the essential elaborateness of handicraft, because up to 80 percent it is made manually. The box earned the Hungaropack Prize of 2017.