Gift box for the Tokaji Aszú vintage of 1956

“The harvest for the key ingredient of this wine started on 22 October 1956 in the Hungarian Tokaj Wine Region. After processing the grapes, the resulting aszú wine was kept in the village of Tolcsva as part of the National Wine Stock, and re-bottled on 12 October 2016 in Bodrogkeresztúr. This is wording stated on the gift box in which the rebottled wine has been placed in 2016, on the 60th anniversary of the Hungarian revolution of 1956, called the Year of Hungarian Freedom.

Being selected to design and make boxes Tokaji Aszú wines is an honour in itself. Participating in the packaging operations for an aszú wine that was harvested at the time of such an outstanding event in Hungarian history, and that is one of the best vintages during the twentieth century is indeed an unmatched, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Accordingly, our work reflected great respect, professional humility and heightened attention. We trust that our careful craftsmanship is a hearty salute that lives up to the work of our ancestors picking the noble aszú grapes one by one.