Kurucz Butcher and Barbecue

Buy and eat quick! – this is what street food is all about. Whoever has just a few minutes for eats during the day does not expect to have restaurant-like conditions or tables dressed in white cloth, still deserves food of high quality and some equivalent comfort.

For Kurucz Butcher and Barbecue, the paper trays and takeaway boxes, as well as the strap-handled paper bags serve that very comfort. They are produced from 3-layer corrugated cardboard and food-grade paper with such an edge design that reflects the shape and fulfills the function of conventional trays. The inside is coated with greaseproof paper, similarly printed with the customer’s logo. Sill another strong point of the product is the excellent price-to-value ratio, as it is made from paper from responsible forest management (based on FSC – Forest Stewardship Council’s qualification), and is fully recyclable.