“Zsindelyes” fruit brandies of protected origin

Contrasts form unity in the exclusive, refined, minimalistic packaging of “Zsindelyes” fruit brandies or pálinka distilled from the apple and sour cherry of the Szabolcs region.

Pronouncedly unrounded boxes have been preferred for these limited-edition bottles of five-star quality and artistic value, made by the famous porcelain of Hollóháza and recalling the shapes of the fruits concerned. In this case, emphasis is present in the slanting break along the interior of the side wall of the plug-closing box. The spherical bottle could be secured in the box in the simplest and safest manner by designing a box that tightly clung to the box, while a neck-holder was added to the plug. Imagined to recall the redness of the fruit, the hybrid, varnished strip on the drink bottle suggests uniqueness, and also appears on the bottle itself.