Paper boxes

The lifetime of a paper box spans just one journey from the manufacturer to the customer, yet “The Paper box” as a packaging solution is evergreen. Although, starting in the 20th century, the share of plastics has been growing among packaging materials, it is fully evident that natural materials have remained the best choice until this day and beyond. What’s more, the justified use of paper both as a natural material and the most obvious form of packaging is unquestionable.

It is true, however, that paper is very much prone to damage. But let us recall what we once learnt… A single thread could be torn very easily, but what about a rope… A properly structured paper structure consisting of glued or folded layers can be very strong, even incredibly resistant. And to this end, what is the simplest and most appropriate shape? A cube or prism: the box. Paper boxes and cardboard boxes are packaging materials that can be hardly beaten when inexpensiveness, light weight, strength, the efficient use of available space, stackability, colouring and printing options are taken into account. If so needed, paper boxes will hold and protect what has been placed inside, whereas in other situations paper boxes, after noble surface finishing. can serve as worthy settings for jewels.

Paper boxes can be “humble” companies to sweets enticing with an unforgettable harmony of flavours, still even bonbons have just moments to live when one takes a paper box that has been transformed into a sewing box for decades after losing service for the evanescent sweets. The lifetime of a paper box spans just one journey from the manufacturer to the customer, yet “The Paper Box” as a packaging solution is evergreen.

Areas of use

Sz. Variáns is very pleased to produce paper boxes, since they constitute a widely used and preferred form of packaging for solid products that are non-toxic or hazardous in any other way.

  • Packaging for food products, sweets
  • Compelling accompaniment to jewels
  • Storage of footwear, clothes
  • Accessories to the packaging of drinks, beverages
  • Gift packaging
  • Porcelain packaging
  • Packaging of smaller gym gear, equipment
  • Packaging of toys
  • Packaging of books
  • Packaging of small-sized electronic, electrical appliances

The advantages of paper boxes

  • They are easy to handle, and therefore can be customised to fit various products.


  • The surface finishing is indicative of the quality of the product, and therefore they can serve as accessories even to luxury articles.
  • Their surfaces are easy to print or colour.
  • Depending on their treatment, they can as well be massive and durable.
  • They afford sufficient protection to products.
  • They are cost-efficient.
  • They are environmentally sound, selectively collectable, reusable.