Pálinka of the year

We took it as a special honour that after 2011 our company was entrusted to create the ornate box for the fruit brandy or pálinka of the year in 2014, as well. This especially noble beverage was in fact a combination of seven different distillates, for instance Williams and Kieffer pears, selected by professional tasters on the occasion of the Budapest Pálinka Festival, and was filled into 1500 number ornate bottles of 5000 ml each. This unique fruit brandy is hidden in unique ornate boxes: with yellowish–greenish graphics recalling pears against monochromic white background. Matching the bottle, this packaging alone carries unique quality. For the creation of this box with self-closing features both on the top and bottom, 3-layer, mounted, corrugated cardboard was used as the base material for expressed strength.